Magic Juice To Control Hair fall & Fast Hair Growth

hair fall control juice recipe

Hair fall seems to have become an inevitable part of our lives.
I am yet to meet someone who hasn’t encountered that massive hair fall phase at least once in life. Let’s not even talk about that awful everyday shedding.

Hair fall
Hair fall has become a part of modern life style

One of the many reasons for hair fall among men and women is inadequate nutrition. Think of your hair as a plant. The better it is watered, fertilized, pruned, and kept in viable surroundings the healthier and stronger it grows.
The same plant would wilt and eventually die in lack of care, nourishment, and being exposed to excessive heat and chemicals.

Iron folic rich foods, a healthy scalp and regular trimming helps hair to remain strong and shiny.

I get several queries about my hair and what I eat to keep it healthy.
So, today I am sharing the recipe of my DIY hair tonic that has helped my hair to retain its thickness and shine.

It takes a little effort to prepare the tonic every morning but it is totally worth the pain. My hair fall reduced miraculously and grew beyond expectations.

A bonus benefit- My skin appears to be tighter and brighter than ever before. Thanks to all the anti-oxidants this juice packs

Let’s jump into the recipe, all the ingredients might not be available throughout the year to some. So go ahead with whatever you can get.


Carrots are loaded with beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants. They amplify blood quality and make hair roots stronger. Fiber-rich carrots enhance bowel movement and flush out toxins.
Thus, making the skin appear brighter and plump. Also, amazing for weight loss.

carrot benefits
Carrots are loaded with beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants

Oranges/ Sweet lime:

As a teenager, my mother would make me have freshly squeezed orange/ mosambi juice for clearer acne-free skin. Citrus fruits pack an amazing level of vitamin-C that is helpful with scalp health. A healthy scalp means
no dandruff, no scalp acne, and reduced chances of alopecia. Vitamin-C also boosts immunity and keep flu symptoms at bay.

orange juice
Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin-C which are good for scalp health


Indian Gooseberry or amla is the soul of this hair tonic. It has been my constant since childhood in my hair growth journey. Besides using amla in my hair packs and oils, I began juicing it a few years back for consumption.
It is one of the few superfoods with a high level of  Vitamin-C and anti-oxidants. It strengthens hair roots, helps the hair growth, and delays premature graying. Can’t even insist enough on its immunity-boosting properties.

Amla for hair
Amla is a superfood extremely rich in vitamin c and anti oxidants


This will make you skip using blushers. Beetroot is an age-old natural beauty staple across cultures. Queens, princesses, and even Hollywood hotties used beetroot slices to dab rouge on their cheeks. Even for that stunning ‘pink of health’ glow from within, beetroot juice stands no competition. It packs essential vitamins and minerals at a very low-calorie count. Great for those battling anemia, low hemoglobin, low blood pressure, and dark circles.

beetroot benefits
Beetroot helps fight anemia and a glow to the skin


I use a dash of ginger as it boosts metabolism and helps in better digestion of all that fiber.

ginger juice for hair growth
Ginger helps boost metabolism and digestions


Here comes another hero of my hair tonic. I have observed a visible difference in my hair thickness, energy level, and skin elasticity after regular consumption of pomegranate juice. My hair gets quite frizzy at the ends.
After a few weeks of beginning with this juice, my scalp skin and hair frizz showed a lot of improvement. Scalp felt much nourished with zero flakes and hair lengths very smooth.
Pomegranate is an excellent source of vitamin A and iron. This will propel your overall health to the next level.

pomegranate juice for hair growth
Pomegranate is an excellent source of vitamin A and iron

How to prepare:

Dice and roughly process all fruits and vegetables in grindable sizes.
If you own a proper heavy-duty juicer then simply juice all ingredients. I have an old school mixer grinder.
So, I would drop all roughly chopped veggies and fruits into the largest mixing pot. Add around a cup of water or coconut water to help the mixer juice better.

once finely ground, pour it all through a sieve to get refined juice.
You may try consuming it along with the fiber if you wish. For me, it gets too chewy.

best hair growth recipe
The juice after sieving
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For your convenience, I am linking my video of this recipe here: 

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  1. Hello Sushmita Ji,

    Need an advice from you.

    I saw your YouTube wherein you had narrated how you had to grapple with hair loss and what you did to regain.

    I belong to make gender. As a consequence of pandemic and lockdown I had allowed my hair to grow and fell in love with its growth. It all worked fine until I had the luxury of WFH Once I had started coming to office, the demands of work caused immense stress and I had lost considerable volume.

    I am in the middle of conflicted decision – to continue retaining and end up retaining a rat tail like texture or cut the losses and start growing the hair afresh.

    I have low porosity, fine, wavy hair. May be dry scalp too since I have been washing my hair daily for near 27 years. This is non negotiable. Though I apply hair oil during day time on all working days.

    Please advice whether to try repairing hair fall as it is by following hair care regimen that you have been advising for female folks or to cut the hair and try following the hair regimen on the low hair base so that improvements could be faster?

    Also what is the daily easy protective hairstyle for men’s long hair. Braided locks are not my cup of tea. Boney tail or bun hairstyle doesn’t find appreciation there with the online community, who warn they all lead to more hair fall and baldness.

    Kindly advise.


  2. Thanks For Sharing this Amazing Recipe. My Family Loved It. I will be sharing this Recipe with my Friends. Hope They will like it.

  3. Hello salonguruindia the information or the article which u had posted was simply superb and awesome and to say one thing I had seen the similar info on a blog which gives the same info and apart of that this was one of the best information on hair care and relevant stuff which I had seen and came across so far, thanks for the information

  4. This juice is for immediate consumption only as all the ingredients are fresh.

  5. Hi Tanish,
    I would recommend starting with whatever ingredients you have as this juice is really helpful.
    If pomegranate is not available you may replace it with Strawberries or any vitamin A rich fruit.

  6. For your magic juice potion if pomegranate is not in season yet what do you recommend as substitute?

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