Best Turmeric Tea To Boost Your Immune System | Susmita’s Diaries

Given to the current pandemic situation, it is extremely essential to work towards keeping the immune system strong. Because that is your only shield against diseases and bacteria. The ancient Indian Ayurvedic system has specified some spices that boost immunity and help keep the respiratory tract healthy. Coronavirus seems to be hitting the lungs worse.  It is a great idea to […]

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What is menstruation? Understanding Periods Made Simple | Sushmita’s Diaries

Understanding Periods Made Simple

Big man, strong man not making country strong…. Woman strong, mother strong, sister strong then country strong Do you recall this famous dialogue from Hindi movie PADMAN? This dialogue is so hard hitting and apt that, when our very own lovely Sushmita asked to contribute some content for women health and hygiene, I could not find a better way to […]

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Prepare Your Pre-Teen Daughter For Her Periods – An Easy Guide For Moms | Sushmita’s Diaries

Most of us women recall about our first period as a shocking and uncomfortable event.  With these issues not discussed openly back in the day, young girls would be left traumatized and clueless on experiencing their first flow. You wouldn’t, certainly, want your daughter or younger sister to go through similar shock or embarrassment. Would you? So, it is essential […]

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Busting Top Myths About Menstrual Cups | Sushmita’s Diaries


Myths About Menstrual Cups Being widely accepted and popular in the west, menstrual cups have lately been making their presence felt in India as well. Considered to be the modern solution to period management, menstrual cups are scoring over their age-old alternatives like pads and tampons on various parameters. They are dirt cheap, have unmatched ecological advantage, can be worn […]

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