How To Protect Your Hair From Hard Water

How To Protect Your Hair From Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem in urban areas. Prolonged usage of hard water damages hair and skin.
So, here I am sharing a few easy tips to protect your hair from hard water.

How To Make HARD Water SOFT :

Alum or Aluminium sulfate (also known as Fitkari in Indian subcontinent) is easily available in Indian grocery stores either in solid or powder form.
Use one teaspoon of Alum for filtering 5 liters of water.

Use Hard Water Tap & Shower Filters :

Sometimes home remedies alone don’t work to make hard water soft. Hence a professional solution is required. Nowadays many companies have come up with hard water treating tap filters and showers for everyday use. They are easy to install and use and also very economical.

Lemon Rinse:

Lemon rinse should be done after shampoo once in 10-15 days. Overdoing is bad because lemon can turn hair a bit dry.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Rinse :

Apple Cider Vinegar can also be used in place of lemon.
Pour one tablespoon of ACV in a large mug of water.

Fill the mixture in a spray bottle and sprinkle the solution on hair well. Leave it for 20 mins and rinse it with normal water.

Apply Deep Conditioning Pack once a week :

Take one ripe banana and mash it thoroughly so there are no lumps. Add half a cup of full fat, unflavoured yogurt. Homemade yogurt is the best.
Also add one tablespoon of Coconut/Olive/Almond oil as per your preference.
Mix everything together to make a smooth lump-free paste. Apply it from scalp to hair tips.
This pack should be kept for 2 hours and washed using a shampoo.
Being totally natural, it can be used on the scalp and has no side effects, do it once a week.

You may watch the whole process in detail here :

Do share your hard water hair hacks through comments.
I would love to hear them out!


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