How To Make Pure & Organic Coconut Oil At Home

how to make coconut oil at home

Coconut oil has numerous benefits for hair and skin and this is no secret. It is a strong moisturizer, a deep conditioner, a powerful cleanser, and makeup remover. This list is too long.

With almost every brand claiming to be organic and pure, it is natural for one to be left wondering about what to pick. But do you know that coconut oil can easily be made in your kitchen with all its purity and nutrients restored? So, today I am sharing a quick way to prepare it at home.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Shell and dice the coconut into smaller pieces

Shell and dice the coconut into smaller pieces

Since, we will use an ordinary kitchen grinder, available in most households, smaller slices make things much easier. You may also grate the coconut but I find grating a lot more cumbersome.

Grind coconut pieces in an extremely fine paste

Grind coconut pieces in an extremely fine paste

You may use 2-3 tablespoons of water for a smooth paste. Keep water usage at the lowest as more moisture can prolong the process of oil making and its shelf life.
Since I am using a small grinder to ensure a perfectly ground paste, I will do it in several batches.
Once all the coconut pieces are done, we have a large bowl full of coconut paste.

Squeeze out all the milk from the ground paste

Squeeze out all the milk from the ground paste

Now place a clean cotton cloth over a deep vessel. Scoop some of the coconut mixtures on the cloth and wrap it tightly. Squeeze it hard to extract out all the milk cream from the ground paste.
I recommend taking smaller quantities at a time for maximum extraction.
 After all the milk has been extracted, dip a finger to check how thick the cream is. Thickness and wholesomeness of the cream depends on the quality of coconut and the quantity of water used in grinding.

Pour the extracted coconut milk into a heavy-bottomed pan

Pour coconut milk in a heavy-bottomed pan

Place a heavy-bottomed deep pan on the stove. Using a heavy pan is recommended as milk cream might stick to the base and get charred.
Also, the flame should be kept at the lowest throughout.

Stir the milk frequently on a low flame

Stir the milk frequently on a low flame

Start stirring frequently to ensure that it doesn’t stick. Within 10 minutes, the thickness and texture begin to change. The creamy white milk appears to be beige and dense.
Keep stirring.

Milk will caramelize and the oil will separate

Milk will caramelize and the oil will separate

After 20 minutes, the milk starts to caramelize and looks visibly golden. Be very consistent with stirring.
Coconut oil appears from the side after 25 minutes.  

Let it cool completely and filter out the residue

Let it cool completely and filter out the residue and extract coconut oil

After 30-35 minutes the oil will completely separate from the cream which now appears like butterscotch sprinkles.
Let the pan cool down completely. Once cool, use an old sieve to filter out pure oil from cream residue.

Store in a clean dry jar away from moisture

homemade coconut oil

Ensure that the jar is completely dry and clean as the presence of any moisture will reduce the shelve life of the oil.
If stored in a cool dry place the oil will remain good upto 4 months.
This oil is pure and organic and can readily be used for hair, skin, and even for cooking purposes.

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You can also watch this recipe here :

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