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Myths About Menstrual Cups

Being widely accepted and popular in the west, menstrual cups have lately been making their presence felt in India as well.

Considered to be the modern solution to period management, menstrual cups are scoring over their age-old alternatives like pads and tampons on various parameters.

They are dirt cheap, have unmatched ecological advantage, can be worn upto 12 hours straight without having to worry about changing them even during heavy flows.

And these are just a few of the many benefits!

Though, desi women have still been reluctant to embrace this little cup. There are numerous myths or even bizarre misconceptions about menstrual cups.

Let’s picture the most common myths and try to bust them with facts.

It is immoral to insert anything into your vagina

Well, most brown cultures find it unacceptable to wear anything of that sort citing religious and social reasons. Well, think of it as an advanced version of good old tampon. Used and loved by a generation all together.

The difference is that the cup is better at collecting the liquid as well as lump like discharge. It seals the blood within its rim and nullify any chances of leakage. A comfort never promised by pads.

menstrual cup myth
Menstrual cup is your friend to fall back upon

Menstrual cups can break hymen and ruin virginity

A good quality cup is made of medical grade silicon, which is soft and almost jellos-like in touch and feel. This silicon is suitable for long time wearing and the cups are designed to fit the natural female shape without disturbing its natural internal system.

Also, the hymen that establishes virginity is a stretchy and flexible mucosal tissue located deep inside.  A tampon or cup settles much lower than that to collect the discharge.

The size of the cup might be intimidating for once; leaving many wonder on how will it go inside the tiny opening. Though, being really soft and flexible, it not only gets inside easily but also doesn’t feel like to be wearing anything.

Menstrual cups are painful and inconvenient to be worn

The cups just need to be worn properly and they become a part of your body, atleast for a few hours. Like our organs, they will do their job without making you feel a thing. A little practice for a few times will help you master the art of wearing it perfectly. Just as it took you a few attempts at wearing contact lenses or false eyelashes.

how to wear menstrual cup
High quality menstrual cups are made of medical grade silicon and are soft


how to wear menstrual cup correctly
To wear it correctly, first fold the cup vertically like so
how to wear menstrual cup C fold
Then fold it one more time to make it look like alphabet C
how to insert menstrual cup
Once folded like so, place one leg on a higher level and slowly insert the cup in the vagina opening.
how to wear menstrual cup pull out
The cup has a wand at back that could be pulled to take the cup out.

Once inside, the cup makes a ‘pop’ sound. It signifies that it has settled properly and you need to forget about it.

High quality silicon doesn’t cause rashes or itching as wearing wet pads for long hours do.

The cup size is too small to contain heavy discharge

An average woman on her regular period tends to discharge as less as 6 tablespoons or 6-7 ml of blood, in a month. Yes, you heard that right. What feels to be an awful stream of blood is actually lesser than what your lipgloss or liquid eyeliner bottle contains.

Brands like Everteen offer cups in two sizes. Large and small to be worn during heavy and light flow days.

Everteen Menstrual Cup Size
Everteen Menstrual Cup are available in two sizes, large & small, for heavy and light flow.

One is unable to carry out routine activities with the cup on!

The most interesting fact about the cups that establishes their credibility is that women athletes, especially swimmers, marine biologists, scuba divers, women pilots and those in the army too swear by the menstrual cups.

swimming salon guru india
Olympic Swimmer – Pic Courtesy teenvogue.com

Primary reason is that the cup doesn’t need to be emptied frequently when on work front. At each time a cup can work for 10-12 hours straight.

Secondly, the cup holds all the discharge and does not let it leak at all even during heavy duty physical work. The menstrual cup works great even under water. Swimmers go about winning medals even during their periods. Similarly, professional divers and marine scientists too carry on with their regular activities.

You can to continue with your gym workouts, dancing, running etc as you do on average days.

avani chaturvedi fighter pilot
Avani Chaturvedi – Pic Courtsey ibtimes.co.in

So, break away from obsolete unwritten rules and embrace the revolution. Wish you a happy period!


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