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Most of us women recall about our first period as a shocking and uncomfortable event.  With these issues not discussed openly back in the day, young girls would be left traumatized and clueless on experiencing their first flow.

You wouldn’t, certainly, want your daughter or younger sister to go through similar shock or embarrassment. Would you?

So, it is essential for all responsible women to prepare their pre-teen princess to prepare for the obvious. And here are some simple tips on how to so.

Share your own stories with her

Sharing your own firsthand experience and stories with her will make her familiar and more accepting of the fact that this happens with everyone and she is not alone.

Tell her how it was when you got your periods for the first time. Did you have any one, teachers or mom, to help you? Making more conversation will make her feel comfortable and mentally prepared for it.

share your period story with daughter
The more conversation you make, the closer she will become!  Pic Credit @Ana Francisconi

 Communicate with her teachers

Most of us recall of receiving our first flow during school hours as it is obvious for children to spend long hours in school while being in middle or high school.

Connecting with her teachers will help! Most schools hold sessions for pre-teen girls to orient them about menstruation and teach them about using pads, tampons etc. Ask her teachers if their school too does it or store essential supplies? And if not, then do teachers orient the girls personally? Be sure that your girl is in safe hands.

Find out with the teachers, if the school holds period orientation sessions for girls. Pic Credit Erol Ahmed

Help her develop a positive approach

Talk to her in a way that help her remain positive about what’s coming next.

If you are going to describe it in a negative light like periods are painful, inconvenient and depressing, your little girl would be scared and might freak out. Some girls often develop phobia about menstruation on hearing miserable stories from some women or gathering half-baked information from their friends or other sources.

Considering that she will anyway have to face it, present it as a significant milestone in her life. How will it be instrumental in making her body blossom and develop her into a beautiful young woman. This approach would make her feel confident and look forward to the change.

Acquainting her with period management options.

Even before she gets her flows, familiarize her with all the options like pads, tampons, cups etc. Show her how to use them with the help of a detailed and comforting demonstration. It is natural for her to be intimidated looking at cups and tampons. Let her ask questions and answer them calmly. It is better for her to learn it from you than to get it from uncredible sources.

While pads are recommended for beginners, tampons or even menstrual cups can be introduced if she is active physically and is a sports, dance or swimming enthusiast. Tampons and cups offers 100 percent better protection from leakage, stains and rashes and are used by professional athletes, divers, performers and even actors who have no option to slow down during their flows.

pad tampon menstrual cup
Acquainting her with period management options – pads,tampons,menstrual cups

It is a myth that tampons and cups can cause damages in intimate areas and ruin the hymen.

You may read my previous blog on Myths About Menstrual Cups, here: Top Myths About Menstrual Cups

Buy her suitable clothes and intimate wear

In brown cultures, especially, moms don’t guide their school going daughters into choosing the right shape wear. With the growing breasts and monthly flows, girls are left clueless. All of us have gone through this bewildering phase of ‘I don’t know where to hide my suddenly heavier boobs’.

Take her out to shop more suitable clothes that her developing body would now need. Start with buying her a beginners or sports bra. Help her move over those bloomer and knickers that she wore as a kid. A well fitted panty would be required to keep the pad unmoved or conceal tampon string.

Beginners Crop Top
Buy her suitable clothes for her developing body. Pic Courtsey Pinterest

Prepare a menstrual kit

With all that being said, it is also super important to keep a period kit handy. How many of us recall of that awful experience of getting our first period while being away from the comforts of our homes.

Some got it in school, the others during outdoor activities or even on sports days. Being unaware and unarmed, young girls end up being embarrassed and traumatized.

So, make a menstrual kit for her to keep it in her bag for any emergencies. Just as you keep a first-aid kit handy.

It might also help her friends if they need it all of a sudden.

The essentials to be carried in the kit:

  • Pads, tampons
  • Sanitizer to clean hands before wearing anything intimately.
  • A waste bag to dispose off a used pad/tampon
  • Wet wipes to clean hands, clothes of any blood or stains.
  • A fresh pair of panties, if the one worn got stained miserably.
period kit menstrual kit
Pick up only quality products for your daughter as she deserves the best.

So, these were some super simple tips on how to prepare your girl to embrace menstruation and face it confidently.

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