Body Cupid Aloe Vera Gel Review

body cupid aloe vera gel review

Aloe vera gel finds a comfortable place in everyone’s skin and hair care routine. With not everyone having access to the fresh gel, finding a genuine and effective store-bought is essential. Stores and online retailers offer innumerable brands,though not all check on the standard parameters like being natural,effective,free of chemicals, affordable etc. Today I am reviewing the Body Cupid aloe […]

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Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil Review

kesh king ayurvedic hair oil review

Kesh king has been a known name in Indian households for its hair oils. I tested Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair oil against its claims of controlling hair fall.  The brand also pushes its unique comb style applicator that promises better and effective hair oiling experience.   Sharing my review of the same. Availability : The brand is available both online […]

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Prepare Your Pre-Teen Daughter For Her Periods – An Easy Guide For Moms | Sushmita’s Diaries

Most of us women recall about our first period as a shocking and uncomfortable event.  With these issues not discussed openly back in the day, young girls would be left traumatized and clueless on experiencing their first flow. You wouldn’t, certainly, want your daughter or younger sister to go through similar shock or embarrassment. Would you? So, it is essential […]

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Busting Top Myths About Menstrual Cups | Sushmita’s Diaries


Myths About Menstrual Cups Being widely accepted and popular in the west, menstrual cups have lately been making their presence felt in India as well. Considered to be the modern solution to period management, menstrual cups are scoring over their age-old alternatives like pads and tampons on various parameters. They are dirt cheap, have unmatched ecological advantage, can be worn […]

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SOMA Vineyards Nashik ! A Beautiful Weekend Getaway Near Mumbai

Nashik Soma vineyard

Looking for a quick and serene getaway near Mumbai, I zeroed down at Sula Vineyards after much research online. It is a famous vineyard and a winery near Nashik with beautiful resorts.However, on attempting for a booking, Sula resort rooms remained unavailable and steeply-priced for a typical December holiday season. Disappointed, I almost dropped the idea for the moment till […]

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Amazon Sale, A Smart Choice to Buy Beauty Care Essentials

Amazon Sale

There is a saying, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ but the truth is different in today’s world. People have started giving preference to the outer look rather than inner beauty. For this, they use different cosmetics and grooming products to enhance their beauty. And if truth to be told, such beauty products are not inexpensive at all. […]

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My experience at Radiance Salon and Spa : Review|Sushmita’s Diaries

Bogus packages and substandard services at Kandivali Lokhandwala branch. The unforgiving Indian winters leave skin flaky and hair frizzy and dry. This season, I was looking for a bouquet of affordable hair and skin services to pamper myself. On a random visit to the newly inaugurated branch of Radiance Salon and Spa in my neighbourhood i.e. Kandivali Lokhandwala-Mumbai, I was […]

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