How to make Aloe Vera Gel at Home in 2 minutes

how to make aloe vera gel at home

Hi Everyone,
Here, I am sharing a very simple and quick method of preparing Patanjali like Aloe Vera Gel at home.

Ingredients :

  • Fresh Aloe vera leaves
  • Vitamin-E capsules,I am using Evion 400 here.
  • Vitamin C based essential Oil (Grapeseed/Lemon/Orange).

Method :

1. Takes some Fresh Aloe vera leaves and extract out the gel, using a sharp knife or spoon.

2.  I have used Evion 400 Vitamin -E capsules.
Vitamin -E enhances the effectiveness of the gel ,which makes the hair and skin super soft and shiny.

2. Essentials oils control bacterial activities. Citrus based essential oils as grapeseed, lemon, orange etc should be used.
If you don’t like it or unable to find then you may also SKIP using it. However using citrus based essential oils enhances the shelf-life of the gel.Keeping it fresh for a longer time.

3. Separate the fresh gel from the leaves. Add the extract of 2 vitamin-E capsules in it and stir well.

4. Add 5-6 drops of any citrus based essential oil.Stir well.  The essential should always be used in moderation.

5. once prepared should be kept in the fridge. Avoid dipping fingers as it is unhygienic. Use a spoon to scoop out as much required.

6. If refrigerated, the gel would last for upto 10 days.

7. Use Only a Glass or Plastic container to store it. Steel or any other metal must be avoided.

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Watch this video to see the process in detail :

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