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diy hand sanitizer spray

Due to the massive outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19, hand sanitizers have become the most essential everyday commodity.But due to high demand, there is a shortage of hand sanitizers worldwide, as a result, their prices have soared 2-3 times.

Today I am going to share a very simple way with which you will be able to make the hand sanitizer in just 1 minute.

Ingredients :

Rubbing Alcohol(Iso-Propyl): Rubbing Alcohol/Iso-Propyl is easily available on all pharmacies. In India, please ask for Surgical Clinical Spirit the pharmacist will understand it easily.

Surgical Clinical Spirit Rubbing Alcohol(Iso-Propyl)
Surgical Clinical Spirit or Rubbing Alcohol(Iso-Propyl)

Rosewater (Available on Amazon): I am using the rose water simply for good fragrance. But you can boil the regular bottle and cool it to the room temperature and use it.

Rose water
Rose water easily available on pharmacies or general stores

Glycerine (Available on Amazon): As we are using the highly concentrated rubbing alcohol, it will make the skin dry. Hence we need something to hydrate our skin. I am using Glycerine, you can also use some nourishing oil of your choice.


Making Process :

  • Take an empty glass jar, wash it thoroughly for any impurities.
  • Pour 2 cups of rubbing alcohol
  • Add 1 cup of rose water or distilled water, to maintain the alcohol and water ratio 2:1
  • Add 2-3 tbsp of Glycerine
  • Shake everything well and pour the mixture into some plastic bottle spray. Voila, your hand sanitizer is ready!

You may also watch the making process here :

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