How to Grow Your Hair While SLEEPING |Sushmita’s Diaries

how to grow your hair while sleeping

Hi Everyone,
Did you know that our hair grows the most,while we are sleeping as the scalp recieves the maximum blood supply while lying down.
So here I am going to share few easy hacks, that will help you in growing your hair faster while sleeping.

Please watch the video below to know the complete process in detail.



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  1. Hey Liliy,
    Thank you for the appreciation.
    I will be doing a an exclusive video on thyroid very soon.
    Where I will talk about thyroid causes and how we can treat it naturally.
    Will share the link with you.

  2. I watch a lot of hair spa vidoes and want to congratulate you for the quality advise you give to your viewers.keep it up. I have a query for you.. I have shoulder length thin hair, should I use one full power dose bottle and mix with my spa cream or less ? Kindly advise.

  3. Hi, thumbs up for what you are doing here. Watched one of your videos where you said you had serious thyroid issues. Want to know how you solved that issue coz am having same issues. Thanks

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