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It’s December and there is a nip in the air already. Winters are downers for those with extremely dry and parched skin. While a lot of moisturizers and likes are available for the face, body remains neglected and yearns for some respite from those sticky cold creams. So, here’s The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter Review to make things easy for you all.

The Body Shop (TBS) always delights me with its huge range of body butters and moisturizers catering to every skin type and all weathers. Hemp Body Butter is another feather in its cap!


INR 1195 for 200 ml. (I bought it for 20 percent less from a Body Shop outlet at Oberoi Mall. You can also buy it online from Amazon Nykka Paytm & Flipkart)

The Body Shop – Hemp Body Butter - Front
The Body Shop – Hemp Body Butter

What it claims to do?

All TBS body butters have exotic fruits and herbs based formulae and Hemp Seed one is no different. Loaded with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, a strong skin-conditioning agent, besides Butyrospermum Parkii or Shea Butter and Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, both proven skin-conditioning agents, it is a heavy duty mosituriser for super dry skin. Cannabis Sativa or Hemp seeds are very high in essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 and are exceptionally rich in anti-oxidants. These fatty acids make skin lustrous by repairing it from the core. Hemp Body Butter claims to nourish extremely dry skin even in harsh winters.

The Body Shop – Hemp Body Butter - Back
The Body Shop – Hemp Body Butter

Reality Check:

North India’s dry and extreme winters break havoc on my skin making the body, especially areas like thighs, knees and arms, very dry. I use a concoction of natural oils as olive, coconut and mustard all over post shower. It, however, isn’t too practical! Natural oils leave stubborn stains over clothes besides making skin sticky like a fry-pan.

The Body Shop – Hemp Body Butter - creame
The Body Shop – Hemp Body Butter texture and colour

TBS Hemp Body Butter is an answer to all your dry skin related woes. It moisturizes impressively and gets absorbed into cracked skin, just in a heartbeat, making it supple. It is very rich in texture yet non greasy, so no staining clothes what so ever. On regular use, I observed an improvement even in the driest areas like elbows and ankles. Not to mention the overall softer and smoother skin.  It is best to use it at night and let it seep and work overnight. Also recommended after bath! A little glitch remains in its smell. Unlike all other heavenly smelling TBS crèmes and body butters, this one reeks of raw hemp. The smell is particularly unpleasant and reminded me of un-cleaned fish ponds. The worst part is that the odor lingers through-out. If you are not a fragrance-lover, it is an ideal winter gift for you.

4. BS_hemp_swach1
So, here I scoop a bit of cream for swatch
5. BS_hemp_swach2
The cream is very nourishing and leaves a thick shiny layer.


  • Super moisturising, rich in texture
  • Thick yet non-greasy
  • Very absorbable
  • Works even for flaky, extremely dry skin
  • Lasts long as moderate amount of product is enough


  • Expensive as compared other body lotions. Though there is no-match in the quality.
  • The odor is unpleasant and stays throughout
  • Comes in a large tub so can’t be carried around in a hand bag.
  • Not for mild winters as it’s a heavy duty formula

Salon Guru India Rating:


Final Verdict:

The Body Shop doesn’t let you down ever. This one lives upto the hype and works.


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