My Organic Balcony Garden – SECRET Herbs For HAIR GROWTH | Sushmita’s Diaries

Hello Everyone,
I am sharing a glimpse of my balcony garden that has hair growth promoting herbs and plants.
Since Mumbai city has tiny apartments, I have grown some medicinal plants in tiny pots.

I use these herbs to prepare various hair growth promoting oils and masks.




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  1. Hey,
    I saw your video on YouTube.for hair treatment oil and want to try this but I don’t have Facilitation for this. Because i stay in pg. Can please prepare this for me.. send me if possible

  2. Hello sushmita,

    I was following your videos that were made on hair growth. They are very informative and helpful. Thanks so much for sharing them.. I myself tried most of your tips and hacks for hair growth and they are very helpful. I happened to know recently about Mustard seeds (yellow) for hair growth and tried them on to see how it works. Unfortunately the source which I have checked before trying, wasn’t very informative .I am usually not sensitive to any products and never had any allergic reactions. Since mustard seeds are a natural ingredient, I applied on my hair without testing on my skin, and I ended up with burning my scalp so much.I now have to rely on some cortico-steroids for a week until it gets cured and was also advised not to apply anything on my hair until its completely cured. When I had this allergic reaction, I was looking for some information that could help me to relive from the pain and itchyness caused by the burns and I couldnt find any. It would be really great if you can make a video on this so that it would help others who is suffering from the same issues.

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