Makar Sakranti in Different States Of India

October 31 2022


Lohri is well known the night before Sankranti or Maghi. Folks celebrate Lohri by singing folk songs and dancing around bonfires and praying to Lord Agni for blessings of abundance in their lands. 

 Pongal,Tamil Nadu 

Makar Sakranti is celebrated as Pongal in Tamil Nadu. It is celebrated as the Harvest Festival, which is associated with happiness in one's life.


Makar Sankranti is celebrated   as "Uttarayan" in Gujarat with  two-day celebrations. The first day is Uttarayan, and  the next day is Vasi-Uttarayan. The Gujaratis  celebrate it with - kites, Chikkis and with a spicy curry made of winter vegetables.   

Suggi Habba (Karnataka)

This festival is celebrated with great zeal. People exchange Ellu Bella made with sesame, peanuts, Til, and jaggery with loved ones on this auspicious day.

Poush sôngkrānti (Bengal)

Makar Sankranti - is known as Poush Sankranti in West Bengal. The most common food for the celebration is known as "Pithe," made up of rice flour and jaggery , and the festival is also called Pithe Parbon. 

Magh/Bhogali Bihu (Assam)

Makar Sankranti - is also known as Bhogali Bihu or Magh Bihu in Assam. This festival is honored with sweets, snacks and Meji ( a bonfire) 

Shishur Saenkraat (Kashmir)

Makar Sankranti - is also known as Shishur Saenkraat in Kashmir which marks the solar transition to pleasant and warm seasons from extremely cold winters   and is celebrated with sweets made of jaggery and sesame. 

Khichdi Parv (UP and Bihar)

Makar Sankranti - is also known as Khichdi Parv in Uttar Pradesh and where people prepare Khichdi on this auspicious occasion and offer it to Sun God. People consider taking a holy bath in Prayag in Allahabad as an essential ritual.