DIY Biotin Shake Recipe For Longer & Thicker Hair |sushmita’s Diaries

DIY Biotin Shake Recipe For Longer & Thicker Hair

I am sharing my secret recipe for making hair thicker and stronger, naturally.Biotin is the most essential vitamin that accelerates hair growth. However, most Biotin supplements have nasty side effects like severe acne, weight gain, acidity, anxiety, mood swings, irregular monthly cycles etc. I hope you will find this recipe easy and effective Please watch the video here : I […]

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Sephora Green Tea Mask Review |Sushmita’s Diaries

  Sheet masks and face tissues soaked in refreshing serums are something which I inevitably end up picking during my beauty hauls. So, on my maiden visit to Sephora, Mumbai, the first thing I laid my hands on was their Green Tea mask. So much has been said about Sephora sheet masks available in multiple variants like pomegranate, pearl, rose, lotus […]

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