Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer Natural Spray Review and Experience

Applying flawless makeup is just half the battle won. Having it remain fresh and stay for long is critical.

Two factors that ensure makeup’s longevity are:

  1. How you prep the skin. A fresh clean and healthy skin helps with a flawless finish and its durability.
  2. Fixing products

Setting sprays are a game changers when it comes to keeping the makeup fresh and sweat-free for long. Super essential for everyone especially for professional makeup artists !

Indian cosmetic segment recently got flooded with several fixing products, ranging from budget to high-end.   

Having tried several of them over the years, I am sharing my experience of an extremely affordable and popular product, Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer Natural.

Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer Natural Spray
Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer Natural Spray


Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer double packaging
Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer double packaging

The jet black double packaging reminds one of the NYX setting spray. So much so, that it looks like a blatant copy. Lol.

The bottle is made of plastic and the spray nozzle works fine.



Easily available with most beauty retailers as Nykaa, Myntra, Amazon etc.


Pricing is what makes it to be the hero of the category.

Its MRP is INR 249. Though, almost always online stores have some or the other discounts running on it. I have always managed to get a minimum discount of 25% while shopping from Nykaa.

Popular setting sprays in the Indian market as Sugar’s Grand Finale, Lakme Absolute Made to Last, M.A.C Prep+ Prime Fix etc are averagely priced between Rs 600 to Rs 1,000.

Swiss Beauty Products are generally extremely budget friendly. This fact has worked in the favour of the brand.  

I bought it for Rs 190 only from Nykaa recently and don’t really recall paying more than Rs 200 for it ever.


The product is not fragrance free and actually smells a little pungent alcoholic odour. It, thankfully, doesn’t linger for long and vanishes after a few minutes. 

How to Use?

As per the directions on the pack:

Makeup Fixer is used either before or after makeup is to set your makeup so that it can stay longer and not be wiped off with the touch of hands or run off with perspiration.

Spray from a distance and let it dry before applying makeup. To set the makeup,  spray after applying makeup

So, basically it can be used two ways.

  • To prep the skin and form a matte base. Before makeup application.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize the face. Then spray the product, holding the bottle atleast 10 inches away from the face. Make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes.

Let dry for 10 seconds then go ahead with makeup application.

  • Post makeup as a setting spray.

Spray all over the face from a distance and let dry.  

Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer Natural product application

My experience:

I used the Makeup Revolution Base Fix for a long time. It retailed for close to INR 950 even back in 2017-18.

Being heavy on the pocket, I kept looking for dupes. After reading several encouraging reviews, thought of trying the Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer. To be honest, the price compelled me into buying it.  Positive reviews were a bonus.

If you are sensitive to strong alcoholic fragrances, then this would be a turn off.   

Thankfully the smell doesn’t stay for long.

Upon spraying, a tingling sensation is experienced. Which again doesn’t stay for more than a moment.

Though, I recommend not using it on broken, injured and active acne prone skin.

The formula is not sticky or heavy and gets absorbed. I have almost always used it a setting spray post makeup.

On extremely humid days, try using it before makeup to control oil and sweat secretion.

It does hold the makeup pretty well and for long. Since this is their ‘natural finish’ variant, the texture of the skin appears soothing without much shine or a shimmery finish.    

Swiss Beauty makeup fixer comes Dewy and Misty finishes as well.  I am yet to try these variants out.

 Performance wise, I observed absolutely no difference at all between the high-end Makeup Revolution Base Fix  and the Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer.

The latter holds makeup on my oily skin for a good 3-4 hours before sebum seems surfacing on the tee-zone.

I am sure it might perform better for those with dry to normal skin.

What I Liked?

  1. Super Affordable, didn’t have to think twice before buying.
  2. Holds the makeup like most other expensive setting sprays.
  3. Doesn’t feel sticky and heavy on the face.
  4. Compact and convenient packaging.

What I didn’t like?

  1. Strong odour
  2. A tingling sensation on application.

Final Verdict:

Swiss Beauty Makeup Fixer is worth the try as it does the job without burning a hole in your pocket. Definitely the one for those on a budget. This can easily be passed on as a dupe for high-end makeup fixers.     

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