Summer Hair Care 2023: Top 10 Tips To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Harsh Sun rays are harmful to hair and skin alike. However, we prefer to only talk about skin damage and manage to get away with it. As a matter of fact, the intensity of sun damage is equivalent to that done by heat styling tools.

So, let’s quickly check a few tips to protect hair from the Sun.

Cover Up, Baby!

Long exposure to the sun causes melanin levels present in the hair to deplete.
This results in discolouration or premature greying.
Cover the hair with a scarf, hat or umbrella to avoid harsh UV Rays.


Try UV Protection

Move over sunscreen meant for the skin. New-age hair care products promise
ingredients that are effective against harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV rays).
Give them a try!

summer hair 2

Tie them Up

Tying the hair is a good idea to limit sun exposure. A protective hairstyle also keeps
frizz, tangles and sweat at bay.

summer hair care - deepika pony tail

Take a plunge of caution!

Summers and swimming go hand in hand. Though, the pool’s chlorinated water can mess up
your hair’s ph levels. Wear a swimmer’s cap and use clarifying shampoos especially formulated for swimmers.

summer hair care swimming pool

Regular Deep-Conditioning Treatments

Deep Conditioning helps lock moisture in hair cuticles and retain a smooth & frizz-free texture. , which is usually prone to damage by environmental changes.

deep treat

Let your mane breath

Super tight and compact hairstyles keep the sweat trapped in the scalp for long.
These sweat drops when coming in contact with bacteria present on the scalp form a warm favourable
environment for the bacteria to grow. No wonder, the scalp feels itchy, irritated and smelly post a long day. Upon returning home, untie the hair and let it breathe.

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Keep the scalp hydrated

As cliched as it sounds, this is still a critical point. The more water and fluids you
consume during hot summers, the better replenished your skin and hair strands remain. Dehydrated hair appears dry, brittle and rough.

Summer hair care Stay hydrated

Avoid Heat Tools

Minimize the use of heat styling tools like blow dryers, straighteners and curlers.
This heat can add up to the existing summer heat and strip the hair of moisture.

Summer hair care - avoid heat styling
Summer hair care – avoid heat styling

Limit hair oiling

As indulgent as oil massages feel, it is advised to avoid ‘heavy or dense’ oils like
castor, Mustard or coconut oil. In summer, the scalp anyway produces much sweat and remains greasy.
Opt for ‘lighter’ oils such as Argan or Jojoba. They will adequately moisturise hair strands
without weighing them down.

Scrub the scum away

Excessive sweat attracts bacteria that trigger dandruff and flakiness in the scalp.
Use DIY homemade scrubs to keep the scalp bump-free. Mix coffee and sugar with a dash of
your favourite hair oil and use this concoction as a scalp scrub. Massage the entire scalp and shampoo
as always.

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Keep your hair smelling and feeling breezy this summer and comment with your favourite tip of all.

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