SOMA Vineyards Nashik ! A Beautiful Weekend Getaway Near Mumbai

Nashik Soma vineyard

Looking for a quick and serene getaway near Mumbai, I zeroed down at Sula Vineyards after much research online. It is a famous vineyard and a winery near Nashik with beautiful resorts.However, on attempting for a booking, Sula resort rooms remained unavailable and steeply-priced for a typical December holiday season. Disappointed, I almost dropped the idea for the moment till […]

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Permanent Freedom From Hair Removal? NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review | Sushmita’s Diaries


Since, frequent hair removal through waxing, cream, shaving, etc is a time consuming, painful and expensive process, Hair inhibitors make the job easy for you.Here, I am going to review NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor and sharing my experience with you all. NEUD natural hair inhibitor is an advanced formulation for permanent hair growth reduction of unwanted body hair. It restricts the […]

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Can Leech Oil Help Cure Baldness and Alopecia? Sushmita’s Diaries

leech oil

Leeches or Jonk (as known in South Asia) are blood-sucking animals of the Fillum Annelida family. Being slimy and shapeless in appearance, they are often loathed and even dreaded. Leeches are hermaphrodites i.e they have multiple genitals and both female and male characteristics are found in a single creature. Native to tropical regions of the world including the Indian subcontinent, Indonesia […]

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Amazon Sale, A Smart Choice to Buy Beauty Care Essentials

Amazon Sale

There is a saying, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ but the truth is different in today’s world. People have started giving preference to the outer look rather than inner beauty. For this, they use different cosmetics and grooming products to enhance their beauty. And if truth to be told, such beauty products are not inexpensive at all. […]

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Unboxing Vanity Cask March 2018 Edition

vanity cask spring fling edition unboxing

Today, I will be unboxing the March 2018 Spring Fling Edition of the luxury subscription box Vanity Cask. Vanity Cask Spring Fling Edition 2018 Vanity Cask is customized by experts for your skin,hair and beauty needs. Every month, you receive beauty products that are from international and indigenous premium to luxury brands right at your doorstep. You can avail this service […]

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