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home made shampoo bar

Shampoo bars are in trend these days. So today, I am going to share a quick DIY recipe to make your own shampoo bar at home.
This is loaded with the goodness of neem, tulsi and coconut oil and can equally be used for skin and hair.
It works extremely well for head lice, dandruff and acne. It’s a mild yet effective homemade shampoo bar so let us see how to prepare it.

homemade shampoo bar

First, we need some fresh neem leaves, neem powder can also be used but I prefer using fresh neem leaves as they work wonders for scalp and skin.

neem leaves
Neem leaves

Next, I am taking Tulsi or basil leaf as the second ingredient, Tulsi is widely used in Indian household for fighting several diseases because it has great anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties

tulsi leaves
Tulsi Leaves

Now I’m going to grind them together to make a very fine paste, add a very little water to ease the grinding process but make sure that you do not add too much water.

Let’s sieve the paste to get rid of coarse residue, which we don’t need in our soap because it’s going to get stuck in the hair. So sieve it nicely to get the neem and tulsi concentrate.

Then for the soap base i’m using castile liquid soap, this is a basic ingredient used for shampoo/soap making.

Castile liquid soap
Castile soap

However, if you do not have the castile soap than alternatively you can use any clear soap of your choice.

transparent soap bar
use any clear soap of your choice

Simply, grate the soap to get fine shavings and liquidify it by using double boiling method.You should never be placing the soap over direct heat or you might just char it or burn it.

grated soap bar
grated soap liquidifying using double boiler method

However, I am using the castile soap here and i’m going to add our neem and tulsi concentrate in the castile liquid, adding some coconut oil to make the soap milder and nourishing for hair and skin.

castile soap base
take 1/4th cup of castile soap
neem paste
Add 1 tbsp of coconut oil

Now let’s place this over hot water for a few minutes to get everything blended seamlessly

neem concentrate

Now till the solution is still hot pour it into the molds for setting. Keep it into the refrigerator to solidify it for at least 2 hours.

pour the soap base into molds
pour the mixture into molds for setting

watch the detailed recipe on my YouTube Channel below :

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