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onion for baldness treatment

Hey Everyone,
This natural home remedy will help you regrow your lost hair without burning a hole in your pocket.

Ingredients :

1 Onion
4 Black Pepper Corn
& Rose Petals

If Rose is Unavailable, simple skip it and use Onion and Pepper.

Rose water shouldn’t be used because:
1- Cosmetic, store bought rosewater hardly have any rose extracts. Only rose essence is used (Read the ingredients on the packaging). Plus, most brands have paraben and sulfates in the rosewater.
2. Using even an organic rosewater will make your pack super runny, diluted and less effective.
The smell of onion and pepper can be treated with Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. Watch my other video to know how to do a ACV rinse.

Please watch the video here :

Hope you liked the video,please share you experience in the comment section below.


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