7 Festive HairStyles For Ganesh Chaturthi 2022

Make a stylish statement this festive season with these easy-to-carry hairstyles. Varying from traditional to modern chic, these updos are sure to fetch you tons of compliments. #1 Sleek Low Bun Sleek low bun with flowers goes well with the festivities #2 Chic Messy Bun With Side Flicks With messy bun keep it casual yet stunning #3 Boxer Braid Be […]

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3 Secret Hair Conditioning Tips For FRIZZ FREE /Smooth Hair | Sushmita’s Diaries

hwo to apply hair conditioner

3 secret hair conditioning hacks for frizz free & smooth hair, that everybody should follow while using hair conditioners.Using conditioner correctly will help the hair become much softer and more manageable.Always begin with rinsing off all the shampoo thoroughly as hair strands absorb a lot of water after all that shampoo and rinsing. At times hair can swell up to […]

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DIY Deep Conditioning Coconut Hair Mask for Shiny, Soft & Bouncy Hair: Just 3 Ingredients – Sushmita’s Diaries

diy deep conditioning coconut hair mask

The festive season has begun and it is the time to say bye-bye to frizzy rough and dull hairIf you are busy and unable to find time to visit Salon. Then, today I’m sharing a super easy, only three-ingredient, deep conditioning hair mask recipe, that can be prepared with the things that are already present in your kitchen. This mask […]

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How To Make Coconut Milk At Home

coconut milk recipes

Coconut is a versatile fruit for hair care. Besides its oil, coconut milk cream is highly effective in controlling common hair problems like dandruff,split-ends, frizz, and hair breakage.
It is a powerful all-natural deep conditioner to reverse damages done by excessive chemical treatment, colouring, and heat.
So here, I am sharing a step-by-step tutorial to make fresh coconut milk cream at home from scratch.

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How To Make Pure & Organic Coconut Oil At Home

how to make coconut oil at home

Coconut oil has numerous benefits for hair and skin and this is no secret. It is a strong moisturizer, a deep conditioner, a powerful cleanser, and makeup remover. This list is too long.

With almost every brand claiming to be organic and pure, it is natural for one to be left wondering about what to pick. But do you know that coconut oil can easily be made in your kitchen with all its purity and nutrients restored? So, today I am sharing a quick way to prepare it at home.

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Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil Review

kesh king ayurvedic hair oil review

Kesh king has been a known name in Indian households for its hair oils. I tested Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair oil against its claims of controlling hair fall.  The brand also pushes its unique comb style applicator that promises better and effective hair oiling experience.   Sharing my review of the same. Availability : The brand is available both online […]

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