Can Leech Oil Help Cure Baldness and Alopecia? Sushmita’s Diaries

leech oil

Leeches or Jonk (as known in South Asia) are blood-sucking animals of the Fillum Annelida family. Being slimy and shapeless in appearance, they are often loathed and even dreaded.

Leeches are hermaphrodites i.e they have multiple genitals and both female and male characteristics are found in a single creature. Native to tropical regions of the world including the Indian subcontinent, Indonesia and Fiji, leeches have been used in several medicinal therapies.

Leech therapy :

Leech therapy to cure baldness, alopecia, and other hair related problems have been documented since ancient times. There have been vivid illustrations in Egyptian tombs from 1500 B.C, depicting leech therapy being done on patients.

Sanskrit, Persian and Chinese literature too have references about Hirudotherapy.  Ancient Indian pioneers of medical science including Charak, Sushruta, Vagbhata have all written about how leeches must be used for blood purification.

Blood Purification Therapy (Raktamokshana) :

In the process of Raktamokshana (blood purification), leeches tend to suck out Dooshit Rakt (impure blood) from Shuddh Rakt (pure blood).  Baldness and other hair related diseases are primarily caused due to poor blood circulation in the scalp. Pure and fresh blood carries ample oxygen and ferritin, which is an iron storing protein responsible for hair growth. Moreover, they eat away any fungus or bacterial activity developing on the scalp and hair. In several cases, fungal infection is the primary cause of hair loss and other problems like dandruff, itching, alopecia etc.

The salivary glands of marine leeches have an amazing combination of medicinal secretions that boost the circulation of pure blood and letting out ‘toxins’.  In the traditional method, sanitized marine leeches were made to suck on the patient’s scalp. Going through this therapy is not possible for everyone now a day, hence, leech oil has emerged as an effective alternative.

Leech Oil :

In organically prepared pure oil has all the secretions and medicinal compounds remain intact and help in arresting hair loss and stimulate new growth.

High quality leech oil has the following substances

  • Nitric oxide
  • Hirudin
  • Histamine
  • Hyaluronidase
  • Thrombin
  • Anti-collagen

In my quest of finding pure leech oil, I visited many pharmacies known for ayurvedic and naturopathic medicines. However, most of them sold local brands that I could not risk my hair with.

After weeks of research and reading reviews, one ‘clinically and dermatologically tested’ brand that I zeroed onto was Nature Sure- Leach Oil.

Since I have used it for a few weeks already, I am sharing my experience and review here.

Nature Sure Leech Oil Review :

Product Name: Nature Sure Jonk Tail


INR 239 for 110 ml

Available at :

Amazon   Flipkart 

Packaging :

jonk oil packaging1
Nature Sure – Jonk Oil Packaging
leech oil bottle1
Nature Sure – Leech Oil Bottle

What It Claims:

  • Prevents Hair Loss & Hair Fall
  • Promotes Faster Hair Regrowth
  • Fights Dandruff and Infections
  • Promotes Scalp and Nourishes Healthy Hair.

Colour, Texture and Fragrance :

Unlike most ayurvedic oils, this is not very thick or heavy. It did spread on my scalp and hair easily.
Slightly darker in colour, this has a consistency very similar to that of coconut oil.

Talking of the fragarnce, Nature Sure Leech Oil has a strong odor that will linger in your nose and hair.
So, make sure you use it only when you have no plan to go out and attend any important event.

leech oil texture
Nature Sure – Leech Oil Texture & Colour

Directions For Application :

Pour enough quantity as per your requirement, in a bowl.
Before going to sleep, apply the oil thoroughly in the hair roots and scalp.
Massage gently for 15 minutes with the help of your fingertips.
Leave it overnight and wash the next morning using lukewarm water.

My Experience:

Since the oil only had to be applied in the scalp and roots, I took just a little for usage.
The oil spreads well in the scalp and doesn’t feel too heavy.
It does have a pungent odor, so be prepared.

I oiled my scalp and roots properly and massaged the scalp gently for a while.
Massaging post-oil application is a great way of stimulating hair growth, as the fresh lease of blood rushes to the roots making new follicles spurt.
After the massage, I combed the hair thoroughly and tied it all up. Leaving overnight is highly recommended for maximum results.
I used a mild shampoo to wash off the oil, the next morning.
An apple cider vinegar or lemon juice rinse can be done to get rid of odor, if any!


After drying the hair naturally, I brushed it. Despite not using any serum or conditioner, I did not experience any hair fall or knots.
The hair felt very manageable and bouncy.

Also, watch the detailed review here :


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