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hwo to apply hair conditioner

3 secret hair conditioning hacks for frizz free & smooth hair, that everybody should follow while using hair conditioners.
Using conditioner correctly will help the hair become much softer and more manageable.
Always begin with rinsing off all the shampoo thoroughly as hair strands absorb a lot of water after all that shampoo and rinsing. At times hair can swell up to double its size.

So, to let the conditioner penetrate deep into the hair shaft, rinsing is crucial.

Hair Conditioning Tip 1 :

Tip number one is gently squeezing out all the water from your wet hair, not putting pressure as the wet hair is also at its weakest since the hair is swollen with so much water already.

Squeezing will help out making space for the conditioner and the hair will be able to absorb all the nutrients from the conditioner better. Now take your favorite conditioner in generous quantity, yes, always use the conditioner generously because it’s making a protective layer on your hair.

Hair Conditioning Tip 1 squeeze out all the water from wet hair
squeeze out all the water from your wet hair

Hair Conditioning Tip 2 :

So tip number two here is to apply the conditioner from hair roots to the hair tips in an up to down motion. This motion would smooth out all the frizz-causing baby hair and when your hair dries after all this shampoo and conditioning routine, the hair will remain in a uniform fashion and not go haphazard which will make the hair look messy.

Hair Conditioning Tip 2 apply conditioner from hair roots to the hair tips
apply the conditioner from hair roots to the hair tips

Hair Conditioning Tip 3 :

Tip number three is not to apply conditioner on the scalp, yes, most people massage the conditioner into the scalp just as they do with the oil but the fact remains that conditioner is meant only to be applied on the lengths and never on the scalp, if not rinsed thoroughly this conditioner remains can cause dandruff and clog the scalp pores which can lead to itching.
So it’s highly recommended that you stick to only lengths while applying conditioner and never apply any on the scalp.
Leave it for 3 to 4 minutes and rinse off the conditioner, all the products should be washed out and the direction to squeeze the water should be from up to down just as we had applied the conditioner, in this way it will cancel out any probable frizz.

Hair Conditioning Tip 3 conditioner should be applied on lengths and never on the scalp
conditioner should never be applied on the scalp

So, I hope you found these tips useful, let me know in the comment section if you spotted any difference in your hair once you follow these tips.

You can watch my video for the detailed steps below :

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  1. Thanks for the tip about how deep conditioning is also one of the ways to take care of one’s hair better. I’m interested in looking for a good hair salon soon because I want to get my hair straightened. That way, my hair will appear longer than it normally does without having to grow it out.

  2. Many thanks from Norway for your amazing work.

    You have gorgeous hair and a calm sweet personality.

    You are helping so many people.

    A hairdresser told me alot of people are losing hair since cv due to stress etc.

    She was observing this.

    I no longet go to hairdressers after so nsny awful experiences.
    I had 3 great haircuts in my life.
    The rest were traumatic.

    So cut my own hair.
    Its not perfect but its long and wavy so its easier to hide flaws.
    I am a believer in a blunt straight cut on the ends.
    It not only strengthens the hair but also looks neat.

    I dont get this at hairdressers so stopped.

    I like the organic shampoos you have formulated .

    You could sell them.worlwide one day.

    Much better than all the stuff in so many of the other types.

    All good to your wonderful country.

    My first friends were from India when we lived in Puerto Rico.

    The husband was a proffesor of economics at San Juan university.

    I used to dress up in a sari ,so much more beautiful and feminine .

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