10 Best Garba Navratri Hairstyles To Slay In 2022

kiara gota patti hairstyle
Gota hairstyles

#1 The Gota Glitz

Gota isn’t just meant to make your outfits pop. Add a dash of glitz to your hair as well with gota strings, this Navratri

maan tika hairstyle

#2 The Mang Tikka Maharani

Be the absolute queen that you actually are! Add a tikka to the mid-parting to make even the simplest hair style come alive.

gajra hair style

#3 Gajra Glam

Floral Gajra hairstyles are timeless and evergreen. Try them without a doubt as the good old gajra is always trendy.

messy bun

#4 Miss Hot Mess

Time to recreate the universal quarantine hairstyle that we practiced day and night till we got it right. Messy Buns could be sexier than you thought. Try adding chaandbaalis to it if you don’t believe.

boho hairstyle

#5 Boho Banjaran

Loose boho curls are not just for Instagram influencers. Try them to make an easy breezy statement while also making
your hair appear more voluminous and fuller.

top knot bun

#6 Boss Babe

The ultimate ninja technique to conceal hair damage and even grays while being at the top of hair game. It also
surprisingly adds a few inches to your frame. Time to ditch those heels, my girls!

fish tail braid

#7 Fishtail Fiesta

One can never go wrong with the classic fishtail. Works beautifully on medium to long hair and especially with highlighted

dutch braid

#8 Dutch Tales

Adding the continental touch to your desi avatar is a cool idea. Dutch braids also keep the hair away from the face while your swirl to the ‘Garba Raas’.

half braid

#9 Edgey Half Braid

Be the ‘POO and Parvati’ at the same time. Biker chick on one side and soft glam on the other with this unique style.

beachy waves

#10 Beachy Waves

No time to do hair, rock these beachy waves to dandiya nights and Pujo Pandals. Every lazy diva’s go to glam that can’t go wrong.

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